The Environment

Environmental Sustainability 2015 -2018

Rural Nations is committed to supporting our artists and creative partners to make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of  the arts activities we produce in the  Western Isles and further afield.
The long term aim is to improve environmental sustainability and to flourish in a low carbon economy.
The methods and tools which we use to encourage the artists to adopt this approach are as follows:

• Measure impacts using IG (Industry Green) Tool carbon calculators
• Build green riders/clauses into contracts
• Take part in Julie's Bicycle Green Theatre Network and campaigns
• Apply for Industry Green status for our office, festivals, venue or rehearsal space and get the IG mark
• Be energy, food and water efficient and reduce waste.
• Tell colleagues, clients and audiences what the company is doing and why.
• Encourage  audiences to travel green.
• Ask for environmental information from suppliers.
• Choose environmental and ethical merchandise.
• Recycle and share set and costume materials.
• Use sustainable production processes - this has included the development and touring of a unique LED lighting rig for our touring theatre shows.

Rural Nations is committed to working with Creative Carbon Scotland to raise awareness in environmental sustainability.

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