Ravenspoint Saga

Plans are underway to shoot a new short film in the summer of 2017.  The short film Ravenspoint Saga will be set in contemporary South Lochs against the optimistic background of the new Community land ownership plans within that community currently.  The story follows a young couple who plan to marry, she is a local girl who has come home from University to work on the island and he is a teacher from Edinburgh who has taken a job in the local Island secondary school. We follow the trajectory of their relationship until the day of their marriage  when things do not go according to plan, history, landscape and weather intervene with disastrous consequence.

Aspirations for the film are to create a short brooding drama which engages with the history and specific natural environments of the remote Hebridean communities in South Lochs. The film will be shot in remarkable locations at Ravenspoint, Garyvard - (at the site of the original open air meetings  at the formation of the Free Church) and at Eilean Chaluim Chille -  at the monastery site where in 1549 there was an orchard tended by monks. The film incorporates the specific folklore of the region and reflects on Hebridean cultural traditions. Filmed in the summer months the sea and land are interwoven in to the story alongside the traditional Gaelic song and psalm singing of the region.   

Rural Nations are currently sourcing funding for this film with some development funds in place already from local business sponsorship.


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