MurielAnn Macleod attends IETM theatre meetings in Amsterdam

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IETM Amsterdam 14-17 April 2016 - Live Arts in Digital Times.

Rural Nations Creative Director Muriel Ann Macleod was able to attend the IETM Plenary spring meeting in Amsterdam. Highlights of the event included the keynote speech from Joris Weijdom of HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht on mixed reality and the theatre of the future. Joris raising issues around  Mixed reality, Transmedia and The Internet ofThings and what this could mean for telling stories and creating theatrical experiences.  Innovative performances included Explorer/ Prometheus Unchained by CREW/Urland where their knowledge of immersive technology takes us into cyberspace and creates a new reality.  With a host of discussion events and workshops around digital technology, inclusive culture, Advocacy for the arts and cultural management the event gave remarkable insight into current Dutch theatre practice as well as highlighting current issues for International theatre makers.

IETM always provides a sense of being part of a bigger international theatre world.  When you make theatre from a rural Scottish location events like this reveal what is potentially possible in terms of technological development and artistic innovation. IETM provides a great opportunity to meet artists from other countries and discuss theatre making and develop new ideas, projects and partnerships. The research visit was made possible with funding from Creative Scotland.



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