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DEEDS NOT WORDS: Research request in the Western Isles community.

Rural Nations is currently commissioning London based playwright Victoria Banks to develop the script for a new Western Isles play focusing on what happened when Hebridean Women got the vote in 1918. Research has been underway for a few months now and researchers have uncovered some really interesting aspects on how Hebridean women were living and working in the period between 1911 and 1918. Research has already revealed that Stornoway had it's own suffragette network which had 25 members and that over 120 women left the Islands to work in Munitions factories in Ayrshire and Dundee in WW1. Rural Nations are now seeking research assistance from the wider Western Isles community and local historians in order to uncover who these Island women were and what they achieved both in this community and within a national perspective. For more information and the research list visit the Deeds not Words (Click here) project pages or follow the project on facebook:

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