Make it in Scotland

Make it in Scotland is equity's campaign to increase casting, writing, commissioning and all round work for Scottish based professionals in native broadcasting. Equity is calling on the entertainment industry and governments to invest in programmes made in Scotland.

“One of the issues our members have is often a programme is labelled ‘BBC Northern Ireland’, ‘BBC Scotland’ or ‘BBC Wales’ but in reality there are few – if any – opportunities for performers in the nations to appear in them,” said Stephen Spence, Equity’s assistant general secretary. “Our members feel if it’s labelled BBC Scotland, it should be made in Scotland and have Scottish performers, not exclusively, but they should have an opportunity to be in it.”

Members are frustrated at not getting local opportunities, particularly because they believe there is a wealth of talent outside of London. “There’s a perception among the media elite that you can’t be any good unless you go to London, but why shouldn’t Scottish performers and crew be able to make a living in their own country?,” said actor Michael Mackenzie.

According to Ofcom, 61.8% of spending by public service broadcasting channels in 2010 went to productions made within London's M25 motorway. Productions in Scotland received 4.6% of spending, Wales 2.6% and Northern Ireland 0.4%.

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My Theatre Matters

Show your support for theatre and support My Theatre Matters!

The campaign is supported by equity, The Stage, and the UK Theatre, who launched a major public-facing campaign in 2013 aimed at supporting local theatres across the UK

 The most immediate serious threat to theatres in the UK is significant cuts in Local Government funding. Local Authorities are under extreme pressure and are being faced with extremely hard choices, but it is imperative that they understand how much their voters value their local theatre.

We know current and past audiences have strong emotional capital in their local venues, but do not necessarily understand the importance of public funding in keeping them open, affordable, and delivering high quality education and outreach work.

This campaign provides theatres with the tools to help inform their audiences and turn them into advocates with local Council Leaders, as well as adding their support to an on-going national campaign that will reach a crescendo at the next UK General Election

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We are More

we are more – act for culture in Europe is a Europe-wide campaign for the arts and culture. It was launched in October 2010 and will run until 2013, when the EU decides about its next multiannual budget for the years 2014-2020.

The we are more campaign promotes culture, heritage and the arts, together with education, social cohesion and environmental sustainability, as key areas in which the EU has to make more bold investments if it wants to reach its growth objectives and Europe to remain a thriving democracy in the future.

Who is behind the campaign?

The force behind the we are more campaign is Culture Action Europe, a coalition of more than 100 organisations and many artists across Europe, in strategic partnership with the European Cultural Foundation. It is an open source advocacy tool that encourages arts and cultural organisations across Europe to get involved and stand up for increased support to arts and culture in the policies and programmes of the European Union.

The we are more campaign is funded through Culture Action Europe’s own contributions as well as the kind support of the European Cultural Foundation, the Arts and Culture Program of the Open Society Foundations, support from members and partners and donations from private persons and organisations.

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