Sea Stories with Alex Patience and Donald McNeill. 

1st August 2014, Balallan.

Beautiful stories, lovely warm music. Thank you so much. Please use this hall for more shows/stories/music

Magical evening in a magical setting. Great cuppa and baking and company. Worth the trip from New Zealand

I really enjoyed the evening - it made me think that there is little story-telling in Berkshire! And it made me feel envious!  This is just such an old/ancient skill - thank you.

I enjoyed the storytelling immensely.  It was good to hear traditional stories being kept alive as they would have been for centuries.  Please try to keep the tradition alive.

Loved the stories accompanied by music.  Took me back to my childhood days of listening to stories - more please.

Pirates and Mermaids Poorboy.

Taigh Dhonnchaidh and Bernera Community Centre.

“Brilliant.  Thoroughly enjoyed his performance. Interesting, the 2 stories entwined. More, more, more.”

“An amazing tour de force by the actor- gripping throughout. Thanks for the opportunity to see it here in Uist”

A remarkable monologue by Cameron with plenty of emotion and style!

Amazing show! Can't believe one actor could be so engrossing to watch. Really high standard show.

This was a fantastic performance! Cameron has bags of energy! Loved the accents esp Grandma B.  Looking forward to more productions by 'Poorboy'.  I'd marry you!

Wonderful, warm and enchanting performance. Great storyteller please bring us the next instalment. Thank you

The Life of Suitcases by Eilie Cohen - Unicorn Theatre

Shawbost, Tarbert and Balivanich.

“Kept the children engrossed all the way through. Great set, good to hear laughter through the piece, more children's theatre please.”

“Fabulous! Did not know what to expect but props, music, and puppetry was so good.  Would definitely come again if we had the opportunity.”

“Brilliant seen 3 of your plays and thought them all brilliant.”

Farnham Maltings - In praise of Elephants

Clan Macquarrie, St Peters and Breascleit.

Farnham Maltings - In praise of Elephants: 2nd to 4th April 2014, Clan Macquarrie, St Peters and Breascleit

“Really really enjoyed.  Had brought the children too and it’s great we all had the opportunity to attend this and experience a ‘live’ show. Much better than T.V”

“Very moving; well tailored to the village hall. You draw people in! Thanks.

”I was forced by my wife to come tonight and I am so glad that I came, it was so brilliant.  The acting was superb, full of emotion, and the biscuits were quite good as well. Thank you.”

Scottish Dance Theatre

Sporsnis, Balivanich and Tarbert.

Excellent.  So pleased to have the opportunity to experience top quality dance at a local level.  An honour.

Cleverly sculpted, very well presented & highly entertaining.

Really interesting performance and valuable commentating from the dancers. Good stuff!

I liked the part where they were building that hut thing, that was probably the best part. I enjoyed it very much. I had a good night. Thanks!

Wonderful, very privileged to see such quality dancing and so sad that so few people came to the performance.

Excellent performance, feel very lucky that this group and others come to Balivanich hall.

Absolutely fascinating, primeval, stimulating, very impressive and professional.

One Sandwich Short of a Genius - Big Telly Theatre Company

Bernera and Shawbost.

Hugely enjoyable!! Talented cast, clever script and set.

Fabulous production. Amazing Energy from all the cast. Loved the wackiness. Cried with Laughter. Best performance I have seen in a long time. Well done to All!!!

Can't believe we saw such an amazing performance out here in the middle of nowhere - stunning.

Great humour-well acted-most enjoyable. Thank you for coming to our island.

An excellent evening's entertainment.  Would come back to watch more of the same.

One of the best shows I have ever seen!!! Loved it. Clever, witty, thought provoking. Excellent. Thank you

Doras Duinte/Rough Island - Mull Theatre and Theatre Gulore.

Clan Macquarrie, Leverburgh & Carinish.

Thought provoking material.  Polished performances. Would like to see more live theatre in the islands

Rough Island was excellently acted; powerful performances - action, up close and brave.

“Really great plays and brilliant that we can see them in our local venue! Looking forward to the next ones...”

Great night, very entertaining, well acted and produced. Very good value for money

Really enjoyed both performances.  Liked how there was a modern twist on both, also how one was in Gaidhlig


925/Heartbeats - Bright Night International

Sporsnis & Uig.

“Absolutely fantastic!!! Such talent and such music was a joy to watch. Come back soon to Uig please!!”

“We all loved it. More, more, more! Bravo!!”

“Stunning performance. Loved the humour. Just incredible, brilliant performances. Think we should have more of this kind of performance.”


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