Haida Modern

, Start Time: 14:00 Carinish Village Hall Isle of North Uist HS6 5EJ

Event Type:
Documentary Features


This is a UK Premiere

Country of Origin: Canada 

Year Released: 2019  

Run Time: 1h 25min

Language: English

Director: Charles Wilkinson

Classification: 12A (HIFF)

Featuring: Robert Davidson, Ben Davidson & Reg Davidson.


In the 50 years since he carved out his first totem pole, and saw it raised on Haida Gwaii, Robert Davidson has come to be regarded as one of the world’s foremost modern artists. And yet, in the insightful interviews captured here, he retains a remarkably soft-spoken manner and a charming humility that belies what an influential figure he’s become in both the realms of art and activism. In listening to his sage words and admiring his sublime handiwork, we come to understand how widespread appreciation of his art has stoked interest in the 14,000-year-old culture that spawned it and motivated non-Indigenous Canadians to support First Nations activists intent on defending their heritage and the land they hold sacred.


An Lanntair Arts Centre, Isle of Lewis: Tuesday the 20th of July at 2pm.

Bernera Community Centre, Isle of Lewis: Friday the 23rd of July at 5:30pm.

Carinish Village Hall, North Uist: Thursday the 22nd of July at 2pm.


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Haida Modern

14:00 An Lanntair Kenneth Street Stornoway HS1 2DS

Haida Modern

14:00 Carinish Village Hall Isle of North Uist HS6 5EJ

Haida Modern

17:30 Bernera Community Centre Breacleate Great Bernera HS2 9JG

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