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Rural Nations is a film and television production company that also delivers experimental performance and 

Community arts promotion.

Based in the Western Isles the company undertakes collaborations with national and international partners 

with a focus of creating film and contemporary performance that is inspired by people living in 

rural environments

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Digi Heb

In collaboration with the Bridge Centre/YM Youth groups, Rural Nations are developing a new film workshop programme called Digi Heb which aims to facilitate groups of young people in the Western Isles between the ages of 14 and 18 to make their own films and increase their understanding of all aspects of filmmaking.

Through an action learning workshop programme the project aims to build the confidence, collaborative and creative abilities to develop the aspiration and skill to make short films later on in their lives and/or be inspired to seek further training in media studies or simply enjoy and understand film more fully.

On Monday nights to specifically work on developing the film making skills of young people. The workshops are open to all young people in the Lewis to attend who have an established interest in making films with a maximum of 25 participants.

On rotation during the Bridge youth club nights to introduce young people between the ages of 11-17 to film making within the context of their youth club night. 

It is anticipated that there will be interaction between the groups.

VideoHeb project filming "Rohan's Escape" in 2010 
Character designed and created for "Rohan's Escape" by the participants of VideoHeb 2010

The workshops would be facilitated by experienced industry professionals both makers and experienced youth facilitators. Tutors will include, Muriel Ann Macleod Director/Producer with Rural Nations, Jim Hope (Camera and editing).  These tutors would be supported by volunteer youth leaders at the Bridge Centre. Training in camera operation and film project facilitation would be given to these volunteers as participants in the project.

·     The project will deliver two short film projects originated by the Digi Heb group and 4 short film projects originated within the youth club context. All aspects of the films will be initiated and created by the young people.

     Groups will be supported to come up with ideas, to develop, plan and deliver all aspects of film making.

The project aims to employ additional tutors on a part time basis ie: advanced camera or animation depending on the kinds of films to be made. Links would also be further developed with local new music promoters Honcho Productions to help facilitate original music for the emerging films. There is a thriving youth music scene in the Western Isles.

The Background to the Project:

Rural Nations Creative Director Muriel Ann Macleod developed the idea for Digi Heb in partnership with the Bridge Centre after basing the pilot project Video Heb there while filming the Manga film Rohan’s Escape in 2010. The centre provided a great base for the shoot of Rohan’s Escape. The youth people in the Youth clubs which were based there were interested in what was being made but that project came to an end in Nov 2010.

In addition Rural Nations received funding as part of their Lewis Coastal Film Festival project to develop a Young Programmer’s strand. This was successfully achieved and the young people at the Bridge selected and screened 3 films in one day as part of LCFF in March 2011. While working with and consulting the young people on their interests in film it became apparent that a fair number of them were interested in having the opportunity to make films or perform in them. It seemed a natural progression to develop a new project with the Bridge Centre which could enable existing young filmmakers on the Island to develop their skills further and new groups of young people the opportunity to make films themselves.

Filming "Rohan's Escape" in Stornoway 2010
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