Rural Nations Ltd

Rural Nations is a film and television production company that also delivers experimental performance and 

Community arts promotion.

Based in the Western Isles the company undertakes collaborations with national and international partners 

with a focus of creating film and contemporary performance that is inspired by people living in 

rural environments

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Breascleit Community Centre 

Thursday March 24th

Breasclete and the surrounding villages form a vibrant rural community on the west coast of Lewis. Our community centre was built in 2004 and provides a home for daily ongoing activities, there is something for everyone. Over the past few years the centre has become a popular venue for wedding receptions and other events including part of the Hebridean Celtic Festival each year. The secret of our success is the enthusiasm of volunteers throughout the area, our true community spirit is something we really can be proud of.

It is always good to try something different. The film festival has given us an opportunity and challenge of hosting an event different from the rest, an event that will suit our community as a whole. It is an ideal opportunity for the younger members of our community to get involved, our senior youth club will be running the event alongside the festival team. This will give our young people an insight into a side of cinema they would otherwise not see. Doors open 30 minutes before each movie time. Teas/coffees and homebaking will be available at the 2pm showing and soft drinks, juice and confectionery will be available at the 5pm and 8pm film showings. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Breasclete Community Centre is located adjacent to Breasclete School on the A858 some 16 miles from Stornoway.

Donna Morrison

Film showing £4.00 Concessions £2.00 Daily ticket £8.00


UK 2002/112 mins

Director: Stephen Wittaker

Starring: Gary Lewis, Eddie Marsden, Ulrich Thomsen, Shauna Macdonald, Kevin Mckidd

Based on the true story of the German rocket scientist who moved to the Outer Hebrides in order to develop a process of delivering the mail to the mainland. Arriving to hostilities from the locals they are aided by the local school teacher.

Filmed on the islands of Taransay and Lewis as well as inland locations in the Highlands such as Aviemore, Dornoch and around Inverness.


UK 2008/4mins

Director: Julia McLean

The elderly but young at heart Wilson Brown becomes stuck in his Chinese finger trap toy whilst preparing an anniversary surprise for his wife.

TOY STORY 3 (U) 5pm

USA 2010/ 98mins

Director: Lee Unkrich

Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton

The third, and possibly the best, instalment of one of the greatest trilogies ever seen in cinema. Andy is on his way to college and no longer has the need for his childhood toys. So Woody, Buzz and co have to find somewhere and with someone new to play. With Spanish Buzz, Ken & Barbie and so many other fantastic moments this is a wonderful end to a perfect series of movies.


UK 2010/11mins

Director: Jana Prchalova

Mondo is an old man, trapped in a perpetual winter. In desperation, he builds a flying machine and sets off on a surreal quest, through the depths of time and space. But in order to find the sun, he must first discover the key to his own heart.


USA 2010/ 120mins

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rashida Jones, Rooney Mara

The Social Network is the true story behind the men who created possibly the most revolutionary tool for socialising, Facebook. It takes us through the creation of the website along with all the court cases and infighting between those involved, Aaron Sorkin’s Oscar winning script is powerful, dramatic and funny; Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield (the

new Spiderman) are terrific in the lead roles. Probably the most relevant film of the year, and for a film about tech geeks it is never dull and always truly exciting.

With thanks to Film Bank.


Written and Directed by Seonaid MacDonald, An Seoladh follows the ferry crossing

being taken by a young girl having to return from the city to live back at home with

her parents in Lewis. Seonaid won Best Film in the inaugural year of FilmG, and as

part of the MG Alba Talent Development Programme has gone on to make this,

her first professionally crewed film.